These quotes are not part of my writing samples – they are included verbatim from those who wrote them.

Building a web site is equal parts technology, design, and content. If one of these is missing you won’t get very far. Kerri Shea Beers was a pivotal member of our Web team – responsible for content creation, ranging from top-level messaging to detailed product pages. Kerri’s skill in assimilating vast amounts of raw material and synthesizing it into highly consumable output was impressive. The results are tight, well-written, and consistent, with just the right levels of branding, detail, and depth. Kerri also established herself as a manager of the content process by defining a methodology that would allow contributors, reviewers, and developers to successfully collaborate. Kerri earned praise and appreciation from the entire team. I look forward to working together again.” – Raz Schionning, Principal and Senior Web Strategy Consultant, SightSix, Inc.

I worked closely with Kerri on a recent web content project. Kerri is a terrific writer and guided our team to convert very technical content into a creative and readable style. She has the ability to jump in and contribute immediately. Overall, Kerri brought great organization, creativity and writing excellence to our project – I would highly recommend her.” – Kelly Shelton, Director of Field Marketing – Americas, Trustwave

Kerri has been a tremendous addition to our marketing team and efforts. Initially, she stepped in to provide content for writing projects, but it quickly became clear that she could help our team operate at a higher level by supporting a review and update of our overall strategy. Kerri jumped right in and worked collaboratively with our staff to develop our short- and long-term lead generation strategy encompassing everything from SEO/PPC, PR, content management and campaign calendar integration. No time was lost in developing a positive working relationship with the team, understanding our markets and value proposition, and getting projects started while planning for the future. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and brings a positive, constructive and flexible approach to her work with us.” -Tom Holcomb, COO, Renewable Choice Energy

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kerri while she was at Webroot. She is strategically savvy, highly driven with a strong bias toward action, and for her ability to successfully lead and manage multifaceted, complex campaigns. She always asked fantastic questions that brought out the best thinking from her teams and led to spot-on strategies.” – Howard A. Brown, CEO and Founder, DemandResults

“Kerri came on board to help our program when we were short some people on our team. She was able to jump in immediately and make an impact with projects to help keep them moving. Kerri brought forth outstanding ideas and ways to enhance our program. She had great industry background and was able to take projects and run with them with little direction. Outstanding contribution to our team when we needed some quick wins.” – Kristin Storer, Manager, Voice of the Customer Team, DELL

Kerri’s level of business acumen accompanied by her extremely high level of integrity has always resulted in success. As a sales rep, I rely on effective marketing practices to hit my goals. Kerri has always been extremely helpful in providing me the strategic resources I need to be successful.” – Ryan Hamm, Executive Account Sales Manager, Webroot Software

I would unhesitatingly recommend Kerri’s work. She is professional, knowledgeable and results driven. Kerri also has the ability to juggle multiple priorities and constituencies across a distributed and global business. Her efforts have been instrumental in building a strong marketing program in the enterprise security market.” -Kathleen Gratehouse, Principal, Borders + Gratehouse

“Kerri is an impact player dedicated to bottom line results. Her extensive marketing and sales enablement experience produced results in the form of a healthy sales pipeline and bookings for my sales team. Kerri is extremely creative and diligent in her efforts. Equally as important, she has a great attitude that positively affects the people and customers she works with! ” – Steve Holton, SVP, Sales, Webroot

I worked with Kerri doing public relations work for Webroot through Borders + Gratehouse. She is a pleasure doing business with, thorough and creative. I highly recommend this smart marketing director.” – Cas Purdy, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications, Guidance Software

Kerri is a rare combination of a creative thinker and a detail oriented project manager. She has good ideas and she makes them happen.” -Peggy Lawless, Director of Market Research, Webroot Software

I love working with Kerri. She gets what’s important and knows how to cut through red tape. On those rare occasions when she doesn’t understand something, she asks smart questions and doesn’t let her ego get in the way of getting answers. Every time I work with Kerri, I know that I have to bring my A game, because she insists that we do smart advertising that stops people and gets a response.” – Mark Jordan, Owner, Cowboy Creative

Kerri is a marketing professional that focuses on delivering results. At Webroot, she built and managed a number of successful programs that contributed to the productivity of both the sales team as well as our channel partners. She is well respected by the sales management team because of the quality of her work and attention to detail. I highly recommend Kerri.” – Jerry Jalaba, VP Channel Sales, Webroot Software

I highly recommend Kerri for her expertise in public relations, communications, and marketing. When we worked together at MWH, Kerri did an excellent job at producing a variety of communications that consistently reflected the company’s corporate core values, mission, and marketing messages. Kerri was responsible for a comprehensive suite of communications materials and public relations functions, including ghost writing articles and presentations for both C-level executives and technical staff. Kerri is a powerful communicator who can bring a company to the next level.” – Laura Harris, Marketing Director, MWH Global, Inc.

Kerri is an amazing marketer. She has the gift of being able to develop compelling marketing messages that address different goals, audiences, vehicles, and actions. She has also a unique ability to assess situations – to take a step back to identify what steps are required to achieve an end result. I recommend Kerri without hesitation.” – Ken Narita, Director, Field Marketing, Webroot Software